Most Popular Escape Room Types

Most Popular Escape Room Types

Escape rooms are becoming ever more popular, with new ones opening around the country all the time. Great for groups, families, friends, dates, parties or teambuilding events, there are all kinds of escape rooms and escape room themes. Games often last from 30 to 60 minutes, with programs ranging from crime investigation to pirate ships.

Some of the most popular escape room themes are fantasy-related or history-related. Guests may need to search through a Pharaoh’s Tomb to solve an ancient Egyptian mystery, although the mummy may be more evil than expected… Other escape room types include scenes like a detective’s office, where it is required to break out of handcuffs and search the room for clues, or even travel to a gangster’s storefront to crack his safe.

Escape Room Types & Puzzles

With a never-ending list of types of escape rooms, there is sure to be the right challenge for everyone! Although each escape room is different and escape room themes are meant to be creative, they all boil down to just a few common puzzle types. Some use numbers to test attendee skills by solving math puzzles or equations, or word puzzles like crosswords or scrambles. Taking this one step further, many escape rooms use logic puzzles featuring symbols, themes, or hidden meanings to make finding the solution even more difficult. Some of the most complicated even use combination puzzles to encourage teamwork and using the skills of multiple people. While these puzzles may be fun for participants interested in using their brains to solve problems, other types of escape rooms exist too.

Visual and Audio Clues

Beyond math, word, and logic puzzles, many escape rooms mix in visual elements and clues like hidden objects, text within a book or album on display, keys, secret containers or hiding places, etc. Pictures on the walls may contain codes or hints, or may even be physically hiding a safe behind them. Many escape room types use techniques like this, and good strategy means it is essential to look in every nook and cranny to find any non-obvious clues! Sometimes clues can even be in the music, or puzzles can incorporate sounds or music patterns to engage people with different styles of attention. This kind of room may be more fun for younger participants or livelier groups.

Some of the more creative escape room companies are going beyond mystery rooms to unique and fun themes like learning how to make dumplings to save a renowned chef’s reputation! Many escape room attractions accept walk-ins, but some prefer reservations, and even require them for large groups or team building activities.

Choosing an Escape Room

Although escape room themes come in multiple levels and types, they are not for everyone. They may be frustrating for younger participants, or those looking for more of a visual adventure and less time thinking. Large groups may also need to be broken into smaller segments, so that each person can get involved and show off their skills as part of the team. While this is a fun activity for most people, shy people in a large group may feel overwhelmed or unheard, and this should be taken into consideration when planning an event at an escape room.

Escape Rooms and Team Building in the Dallas, TX Area

To learn more about escape rooms and popular escape room themes in Arlington, TX, and learn how your team or group can work together in a fun new way, host a birthday party or just a friend’s night out, check out The Perfect Escape in the DFW area today!

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