Escape Rooms: A Super Fun Thing To Do For Your Birthday

Escape Rooms: A Super Fun Thing To Do For Your Birthday


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Find the hidden artifacts to solve the riddle to the Pharaoh’s secret tomb, make the secret dumplings for a famous celebrity food critic or get ready to seal the fate of Frankie O’Bannion by finding out the safe combination for your next birthday outing idea!

A Super Fun Thing To Do For Your Birthday

Want to find out how fast your friends can think? Get them together and see if they can follow the clues to solve one of the most unique puzzles to escape.

Challenge your birthday guests in one of our scintillating escape rooms, designed with premium decor and high-quality riddles, unique gadgets and special effects, along with puzzles to keep you guessing until the very last second. While you are in one of our escape rooms, we ensure that your mind will race a hundred miles an hour while having fun in attempting to solve the riddles to find your escape!

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Why Choose The Perfect Escape When Considering Birthday Outing Ideas?

Our rooms are created with tantalizing brain teasers that require everyone to work together to find the way out. We enjoy playing in our creations, that is why we only use top quality decor and materials. Our scenarios are created with excitement and teamwork in mind because we want the room to be challenging while promoting a sense of accomplishment when everyone works together for the same goal.

Give Up The Balloons In Favor Of Clues

When looking for things to do for your birthday, search no further than The Perfect Escape in Arlington, TX. Create memories that will last a lifetime with our hour-long adventures designed to promote cooperation, communication, and most importantly a ton of FUN!

Take your party guests on a journey through the hidden tombs of Egypt, cook your way through a family Chinese restaurant or explore the dark secrets of a mobster as you attempt to locate the documents to put him away for good.

Stop Your Search For Fun Birthday Ideas

Gather the most clever and quick-thinking family members and friends to see if you can solve the puzzles and find your way to making The Perfect Escape. Challenge your inner circle to see if they have what it takes to get out in time. Do you have special birthday outing ideas for hitting the big 40 or turning 21 that you want to celebrate? Give your birthday guests an experience they will never forget.

Plan Your Celebration Today At The Perfect Escape

Because The Perfect Escape is one of the most sought after venues in the DFW area, we suggest to book your event online now or you can simply give us a call. Sessions take less than 90 minutes to complete including paperwork and “locking” your group in the room with a 60-minute timer.

Do you think you can find the ledger that Frankie O’Bannion hid because it would expose his illegal activities? Obtain the relic to break the curse? Produce the famous dish to satisfy the picky tastes of a celebrity?

Our affordable prices make it easy for you to gather all your birthday guests and see if they have what it takes to work together to solve the challenging puzzles and riddles to find out how to escape in an hour or less.

We look forward to seeing if your birthday crew can make The Perfect Escape.

Let’s find out!

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