Create the perfect dumpling in this puzzle room to save the day

The kitchen is buzzing! Celebrity chef Mitchell Nom is coming tonight to film and episode of his famous Food Escapes TV show and review Mr. Wong’s famous dumplings on camera. But Mr. Wong had a family emergency and had to quickly fly back to China.

After years of learning under Mr. Wong, it’s now up to you and your co-workers to make the perfect dumplings and save Mr. Wong’s chances of winning the coveted Mitchell N Star!

This immersive puzzle room will transport you into the busy kitchen of a family run Chinese kitchen. You’ll experience the rush of creating the perfect dish and experience what the creators of the room went through growing up working in their family restaurant. Videos of their actual family will clue you in to the techniques needed to escape this light-hearted puzzle room and save the day.

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Can you make The Perfect Escape, the top-rated puzzle room in Arlington?

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