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Welcome to the award-winning escape room experience! You and your team will be locked in a themed room and must use your wits and problem-solving skills to escape within a set time limit. With immersive sets, challenging puzzles, and a thrilling storyline, this escape room will test your teamwork and creativity. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see if you have what it takes to make The Perfect Escape? Gather your friends and let the fun begin!




  1. Players 2 – 9
    Difficulty 6/10

  2. Players 3 – 10 
    Difficulty 8/10

  3. Players 3 – 10
    Difficulty 7/10

Who and how many can play at The Perfect Escape?

Anyone can play this top-rated escape room in Arlington. We recommend players be at least 12 years old to get the most out of their experience. Anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian sign the waiver for them. Up to 8-10 players for each game. We have an online booking system so you can pick the best time for your group. We make exceptions on a case by case basis, so contact us if you need more info! We look forward to seeing you make the perfect escape!

*** Please Reserve your Spots prior to your arrival ***

How much does The Perfect Escape cost?

Our Arlington escape room games are $44.99 per person for 2 players, if 3 or more are playing, it is $34.99 per person. On Saturdays it is $39.99 per person for 3 players, and $34.99 for 4 or more players. We do offer discounts for Military members and students. Simply email us a picture of your ID and we’ll refund 10% or reserve the booking for you over the phone.

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