Hatch the perfect escape plan in 60 minutes!

Tip : Use Teamwork

Exciting Team Building Activity In DFW

Incite creativity and self-confidence in the people who work for you by showing them how spontaneous and innovative they can be by choosing a corporate team building exercise they would never expect.

Assist your team’s ability to work together by letting them see what it takes to communicate effectively. Sometimes, people find out things about themselves that they never knew or expected in these sessions.

How Escape Rooms Work

Your team is placed inside a room and given a variety of clues and riddles to solve. Each clue leads them to another and so forth until the way out is evident. Many clues require more than one person to solve, or simultaneous tasks need completing at the same time.

Often, groups will finish in the nick of time with seconds to spare leaving employees breathless. Some even refer to it like a movie scene where the hero escapes as the door shuts or the building explodes in a rush of adrenaline.

Spur Productivity With Hidden Talents

By choosing team building DFW exercises like these, your employees will likely find they can speak more clearly than they knew, they like helping each other out, and they have a skill or two they may not understand just yet.

Use the information you glean by watching your team work to find out what innovative ideas you can encourage. Your employees will grow as a team beyond everyone’s expectations when the full reality of his or her abilities come to fruition.

Team Building with The Perfect Escape Room

See how much fun and excitement your employees have at your next retreat.

Have you ever wondered what your employees would do in a timed situation that makes them think outside the box and work as a team to achieve a common goal? We have an excellent solution. The Perfect Escape Room is a specially designed space in our complex that works to put your staff in a scenario they never considered to see how well they come together as a team. They will be confronted with a set of challenges that requires everyone actively participate, brainstorm, and search for clues to find their way out in an hour or less.

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