Take on the Challenge of Building Company Culture.

There are many ways for a company to foster creativity, communication, and teamwork, but few are as fun and challenging as one of the top-rated escape rooms for DFW team building, The Perfect Escape. Our escape rooms give your team the chance to challenge themselves and each other with puzzles, clues, and riddles.

The one-hour adventures at The Perfect Escape are the perfect atmosphere to foster teamwork, communication, and good ole DFW team building because there are a variety of puzzles that require different skillsets to figure out. This promotes teamwork amongst groups. They will have to work together to crack O’Bannon’s safe, save the day at Wong’s Chinese, or break the curse in The Pharaoh’s Tomb.

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Companies Who Have Enjoyed Our Rooms

Strengthen Your Team

We have seen a variety of companies come through our doors. From non-profits to fortune 500 companies, we have built rooms that will challenge your team to work together. If you have any questions about team building events or non-profit event eligibility, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • Six Flags
  • Dave and Busters
  • Edward Jones
  • Hilton
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Nabisco
  • Method
  • Sprint
  • Airbus
  • Chili’s
  • Home Depot
  • Epic Waters
  • Marriott
  • Wells Fargo
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Nestle Water
  • Mars Petcare
  • La Quinta
  • The Children’s Place
  • American Mensa
  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • First Baptist Church Rodan
  • YMCA
  • Gateway Church of Shreveport
  • St. Joseph Church
  • Connect Church
  • Bibleway Bible Church
  • Sand Springs Baptist Church
  • My Faith Baptist
  • Capstone Church
  • Irving Church
  • University of Texas Austin
  • Pecos High School
  • Jones Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language
  • Coleman Middle School
  • Morton ISD
  • University of Texas Dallas
  • The Oakridge School
  • Lancaster ISD
  • Mansfield ISD
  • Everman ISD
  • Alexander Highschool
  • UNT Dallas
  • Hamilton ISD
  • Grady ISD

How Does it Work?

In the first 15-30 minutes of your DFW team building adventure, we’ll take care of paperwork and prep the teams for their experience. After that, the teams will take their place in the first part of the room. We lock the door behind them and start the clock. Our Gamemasters are available to help when absolutely needed. Each team has 60 minutes to escape successfully from their adventure. While in the room, teams will work together to figure out clues, puzzles, and riddles to find their way out!

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Of all the options for DFW team building exercises, none will be as memorable as The Perfect Escape, which has 2 of the Top 10 Escape Rooms in Texas according to Escape Authority. With room for up to 10 people and affordable prices, The Perfect Escape is the perfect choice for your next DFW team building adventure.

Call us today at (817) 962-0042 or click below to reserve your spot.

  1. Players 2 – 9
    Difficulty 6/10

  2. Players 3 – 10 
    Difficulty 8/10

  3. Players 3 – 10
    Difficulty 7/10

  1. (5/5 Stars)

  2. (5/5 Stars)

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  4. (5/5 Stars)
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