Can You Survive the Pharaoh’s Tomb?

On your trip to Cairo, Egypt, you and your friends decide to tour one of the ancient pyramids. Against the wishes of the tour guide, your group decides to split from the guided tour and explore on your own.

While exploring, you find a dusty unmarked room. You enter the room to see what’s inside, but as soon as you walk into the room the door seals shut. The air in the room begins to change as you feel the cursed pharaoh enter. You have just 60 minutes to free you and your friends from the clutches of the evil curse. Will you escape The Pharaoh’s Tomb before it’s too late?

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt with the Pharaoh’s Tomb mystery room escape. With thousands of handmade tiles adorning the walls and artifacts to be interacted with, you’ll feel the rush of legends, mysteries, and curses in this authentic experience. Find the clues, break the curse, and survive the Pharaoh’s Tomb.

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