1. Locate the clue to crack the safe.

    Attain evidence to put O’Bannion away.

    Players: 2 – 9 | Difficulty: 6/10

    We’ve lost contact with several agents trying to put away known local thug Franky “Sawed-Off” O’Bannion. Our informant has revealed some evidence might be kept at one of his store fronts that launder his illegally gained wealth. Do you have the skills it takes to solve the puzzle room and help get this criminal off the streets!?

  1. The Pharaoh Awaits.

    Will your group survive the tomb?

    Players: 3 – 10 | Difficulty: 8/10

    You and a group of friends have finally taken that trip to Cairo, Egypt. During one of the tours of the pyramids, you all have decided to split off and explore some of the areas yourselves. Unbeknownst, stumbling across a tomb that has been undiscovered, only to find a spirit of an evil pharaoh waiting inside…

  1. Succeed like a famous chef.

    Create the perfect dumplings to save a renowned chef’s reputation.

    Players: 3 – 10 | Difficulty: 8/10

    Celebrity food critic, Mitchell Nom shall be frequenting Wong’s restaurant and will be filming an episode of Food Escapes for its special dumplings. Mr. Nom will be awarding his famous Mitchell N’s Star if it pasts his discerning tastes. It’s now up to you and fellow line cooks to prepare the dumplings for our esteemed guest. Will you successfully escape all the rookie mistakes to make the perfect dumplings, or will you go up in flames!?

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