The Perfect Team Building Event?

The Perfect Team Building Event?

As you develop your staff at your work, the dynamics of how the staff operates together as a team can always change. A new staff member might be having issues in meshing well with the current team, or there might be issues in allowing them to connect. Perhaps you wanted to do something nice and fun in order to improve employee motivation and evolve team work. One answer to these issues can be hosting a team building event for your staff!

Why Play an Escape Room for Team Building?

Escape Rooms are a fantastic way to improve your team’s communication,listening skills, employee motivation, as well as employee collaboration. Escape Rooms challenge your teamwork, communication skills, and will make your staff have to think outside the box to come up with a creative solution in order to combat the challenges ahead of them. The Perfect Escape is actually a fantastic escape room for this purpose due to its variety in adventures. Whether it’s trying to break the pharaoh’s ancient curse in the pyramids of Egypt, or recreating the award-winning dumplings of the head chef to impress a food critic, The Perfect Escape will be an adventure for anyone to enjoy. 

Why The Perfect Escape?

How would The Perfect Escape help your staff? Well, by challenging them with riddles and puzzles in multi-room immersive experiences, your staff will have to work together. The adventures are all fairly challenging, and require speed as well as communication in order to search and beat the rooms. The puzzles are complex and require some out of the box thinking, and can help people see each other in a different light to help them connect in a different setting than work, leading to more synergy at the workplace.

Come and host your corporate team building event here at one of Arlingt4on’s Top Attractions, and experience the award-winning adventures that so many have raved about. Brace yourselves and ask yourself the important question. Can you make The Perfect Escape?

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