What’s it Like to Play an Escape Room?

What’s it Like to Play an Escape Room?

What Is An Escape Room?

The popularity of escape rooms has been on the rise, and for many people who are looking to get in on the experience, they may be uncomfortable with the idea of allowing themselves to be locked in a room. In fact, they may misunderstand exactly what an escape room. By its very nature, after all, an escape room is supposed to be mysterious and secretive. To help you understand, here a few things you should know to answer what is an escape room experience all about.

An escape room, at its very core, is a puzzle. Teams of friends are placed within a room typically according to a theme. The goal is to escape the situation that theme presents. As such, clues are littered about the room, and you have to work together with your friends to solve each mystery and eventually manage to escape the room.

There is a set time limit, and if you don’t manage to escape the room in time, then whatever the consequences of not escaping the room enlist befalls you. In some cases, this might be a fictional death or the prevention of keeping an illness from spreading across the country. The entire experience, however, is fictional. No real harm befalls anyone, let alone you.

In fact, the room is closely supervised by those run the room. They can sometimes be costumed and play parts to help you solve the mysteries should you require aid. The door isn’t really locked, and you are able to leave whenever you desire. If the experience proves too much, you are always able to leave the room and an attendant can help you.

The Experience

You may be wondering what’s it like to play an escape room for those who know nothing about it. Primarily suited for those who love to solve puzzles and challenges, the escape room experience is really just a way to put your intelligence to the test. Typically played in groups, you work together to solve puzzles in order to either access another room or to access locked chests and other devices to further the plot and escape the situation.

In short, what’s it like to play an escape room is really dependent upon those you play with. If you’re with a bunch of friends who like to act, you can have a blast incorporating the theme into your game. You can all make up parts or roles for yourselves and treat the escape room plot as real as you are comfortable with.

How to Choose the Right Escape Room

In order to figure out how to choose the right escape room, you should consider themes that you and your friends find the most interesting. An interest in Egyptian mythology, for example, might lead you to an escape room that features an Egyptian plot. Basically, choose an escape room based on its plot and theme. You’re sure to have a delightful, safe, experience.

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