Several agents that were trailing Frankie “Sawed-Off” O’Bannion have gone radio silent. But one of our guys on the inside gave us a tip:

Damning evidence located at one of O’Bannion’s stores could be enough to finally put him behind bars. But it’s locked away in a safe. Fortunately, O’Bannion is forgetful and leaves clues around to remember the code to his safes.

Travel back to the 1920’s in this multi-level puzzle room experience. Authentic 1920’s decor will leave you fully immersed in the best puzzle room in Arlington. Find the clues to crack the code, open the safe, and put O’Bannion away before his goons come snooping.

Call us today at 817.962.0042 or Click Below to reserve your time. Can you make escape The Perfect Escape, the top rated escape room in Arlington?”

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