What are the best room escape games online?

What are the best room escape games online?

The surge in popularity that’s followed the emergence of escape rooms has been the byproduct of discovering a way to bring together groups to reach a common goal. Within this growth, the continuing power of online gaming has helped make virtual escape rooms a place that can be enjoyed anywhere on the planet.

Not surprisingly, the high level of interest connected to this subject has led to a host of competitors emerging to try and rank among the best online escape rooms. Of course, the effort in finding the best online escape room games requires a quick primer on the differences between an in-person escape room and one that takes place online.

Differences Between In-Person and Online

The standard version requires you and your friends to actually travel to where the room exists, in contrast to being able to simply sit down and play in virtual escape rooms. In the latter case, that usually offers solitude for those who want to concentrate on solving the puzzle at hand, though it reduces the camaraderie aspect of the activity. Finally, the best online escape room games provide clues that have to be discovered, unlike the in-person model, where the clues are out in the open so that the search can begin.

When it comes to the particular games that make for the best online escape rooms, the six below are the ones to seek out:

  • Ant Hill Trap

    There are games in this genre that both adults and children can play and this is one that resonates with both demographics. The simplified storyline relies on more visual aspects yet offers enough of a challenge to not dismiss it as simply a kid’s game, while the intensity level is low enough that it won’t end up scaring away the younger crowd.

  • Baba Yaga

    The effort put into the graphics is clearly evident, which will again catch the eye of younger audiences. The object for this online game is to get out of a treehouse that’s being ominously protected by a witch. The only way to accomplish that task involves a Harry Potter-type vibe that involves the use of magic spells.

  • Elements

    This is one of seven different games that make up the Neutral series, though it does rank as the most difficult. The opposite might seem like the case at the beginning, but there are enough twists and turns along the way to keep things interesting. It’s not unusual to end up making an exhaustive search of every aspect of the screen.

  • Escape the Prison

    In real life, the idea of escaping is often thought of in aspects like prison, with this beginner’s game following that blueprint. Simply choosing one of two doors doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but not paying attention during the course of a game may end up keeping you inside forever.

  • Submachine

    The many different chapters that make up this series all provide some head-scratching moments, yet find a way to continually suck you into not stepping away. One component that sets this apart from the usual concepts is that the sound is often the key element that helps connect you to the action taking place.

  • The Crimson Room
  • This remains a venerable classic that’s been around for more than a decade. Simply getting out of a room may not sound original when it comes to virtual escape rooms, yet adding a level of disorientation to the challenge helps keep it fresh.

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Of course, playing an in person escape room is truly a different experience from playing online. You get the advantage of interacting as a team in a fully immersive experience. Contact us today to book your escape room in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

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