Escape Egyptian Tomb Room

Escape Egyptian Tomb Room

All of our escape rooms have that certain air of mystery, but the Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room will definitely give you the heebie jeebies. If you’re looking to be transported into the ancient times of Pharaohs and escape Egyptian tombs, look no further than The Perfect Escape.

Pharaoh’s Tomb Escape Room

Our escape room took months to craft and perfect to present you with the ultimate Egyptian themed escape room. This room is like no other with its intricate decorations of handmade hieroglyphs and dim lighting to give the most realistic depiction of a tomb. Throughout time, many have burglarized riches from the tombs of the Pharaohs. They are buried with jewelry and treasures as part of ancient Egyptian tradition of the afterlife. But, to escape Egyptian tombs, it takes guts and a sharp mind – not just an eye for jewels.

Stepping into our room will transport you back in time, and you must use every resource possible to make your escape. The Pharaoh’s Tomb was a particularly bad tomb to stumble upon since it is guarded by an evil curse. No one dared to enter this tomb for fear of the infamous curse, until you came along. On a tour of the ancient pyramids, you and your friends decided to stray away from the group, and you accidentally entered the clutches of the cursed Pharaoh. Will you be able to escape Egyptian tombs?

The Perfect Escape

Aside from the award-winning Pharaoh’s tomb, The Perfect Escape houses 2 other types of adventures: Wong’s Chinese Room and O’Bannion’s Safe. Each of our rooms are crafted with great attention to detail and unique environments to set different moods for each adventure. If you’re ready to escape, book a room with us now!

We are now offering private bookings for teams of 6 or less.

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