Looking for Things to do For Your Birthday? Visit The Perfect Escape!

Looking for Things to do For Your Birthday? Visit The Perfect Escape!

Are you running out of ideas for things to do for your birthday? If you’ve been there and done that with movies, dinner parties, and pool bashes, then it is time to celebrate your big day at an escape room! With a variety of rooms that can hold up to 10 people and an event space that holds 30 guests, The Perfect Escape is an affordable and fun way to celebrate. See why visiting The Perfect Escape should be at the top of your birthday celebration list:

Make Things Easy

Spending your birthday at an escape room will take the stress out of planning a birthday party. You won’t have to worry about planning activities, frantically cleaning before guests arrive, or cleaning up post-party! Simply choose one of our three escape rooms, pick a date and time, and call or visit our website to schedule your visit. You’ll have a blast solving intricate puzzles and clues in one of our top-rated rooms. Less stress for you, and more fun for your friends and family! Trust us, no one will miss awkward dinner conversations or lame party games. 

Family Friendly Fun

It can be difficult finding things to do for your birthday that are family friendly. Fortunately, our escape rooms are great for those wanting to include a wide variety of ages. We recommend players be at least 12 years old to get the most out of their experience, but younger children are welcome as well. Whether you’re a child or senior citizen, our escape rooms have something for everyone. Additionally, with up to 8-10 players for each game, you don’t need to worry about taking Grandma or little sister off your invite list. Wanting more than 8-10 people there to celebrate you? Split up and duel against each other in identical rooms to see who can escape the fastest!

An Affordable Option

We all know that celebrating birthdays can get expensive! Luckily, our escape rooms are an affordable option. At $30/person, your friends and family won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to celebrate with you. We also offer 10% discounts for military members and students, so make sure to let your birthday crew know beforehand. If you plan on having a larger party, make sure to reach out to us to inquire for bigger discounts!

Whether you try to crack O’Bannion’s Safe, escape The Pharaoh’s Tomb, or craft the perfect dumplings in Mr. Wong’s Restaurant, you’ll have an unforgettable birthday! Call us today at 817.221.0348 or visit our website to reserve your spot. We promise The Perfect Escape will become one of your favorite things to do for your birthday!

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