Popular Escape Room Themes

Popular Escape Room Themes

If you are looking for an exciting way to spend an evening or want to try something new for date night, there are many popular escape room themes to choose from. An escape room, no matter what theme it is, is a great way to escape reality and to pretend you are someone else. You could be anyone, and anywhere, from a spy in Geneva to a superstar in Paris.

No matter what your level of success is when it comes to escaping an escape room, you are sure to find every new room a challenge. You will get out of your comfort zone as you feel the pressure to escape the impending danger that each room presents. If you want to get the adrenaline pumping and face a new challenge you will want to try one or a few of the many challenging escape room themes at The Perfect Escape. But beware, once you try one you will very likely want to try them all!

So Many Different Escape Room Themes to Choose From

In the spirit of Halloween, there are escape room themes such as the Mummy theme or even a Zombie theme that are not only scary but intriguing as well. You will experience fear, but in a fun and safe way as you make your way through your exhilarating challenges to “escape” the danger that lurks only a few steps behind.

There are also many other popular escape room themes such as an isolation room, time warp room, or trap room. In a trap room, you have to disarm a number of traps to get out while in a panic room, you may find yourself in a situation that would normally cause you to panic.

You may find yourself stuck in a room that has you trapped, and you need to use your smarts as well as any available supplies to get yourself out. If you haven’t done an escape room before, and have a fear of being ‘trapped’ — remember that you are in a controlled environment and most escape room game masters are watching to ensure your safety.

Crime Theme

The crime escape room theme is a popular one and will put you in the shoes of a detective or a sleuth as you dig for clues to piece together a puzzling mystery. The Perfect escape offers a thrilling crime themed escape room, O’Bannion’s Safe.

Space Mission Theme

This is a more common theme. You could find yourself in a space mission room where you are far from home on a distant planet, and you need to get home before your oxygen runs out, and you die.

Isolation Room

An isolation room will leave you on your own, and you will have to rely on your instincts and smarts to get you out of your “pod” and into the main room where you will (hopefully!) meet up with your friends so that you can team up and escape yet another challenging room.

Restaurant Theme

This type of theme is truly unique. If you have already gone to an escape room or two and want to try something different, you will appreciate the great effort and precise planning that went into the Perfect Escape’s restaurant escape room. In this particular escape room, you will find yourself in the midst of a Chinese-themed restaurant that is both puzzling and mysterious. In this escape room, you will look for clues as you try to save the family-run restaurant.

No matter what theme of escape room you decide to make your way through, you will always get the rush and the great feeling of achievement that comes with solving a good old-fashioned mystery or case.

It doesn’t matter whether you go it alone or your pair up with a friend or two; an escape room is always sure to be a fun time. So if you are looking to get out of the house and beat your boredom be sure to reserve your fun today at The Perfect Escape.

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