The Pharaoh’s Tomb Escape Room

The Pharaoh’s Tomb Escape Room

Imagine this: you and your friends take a trip to Cairo, Egypt to tour some of the ancient pyramids. There’s a lit path inside that you follow behind the tour guide, but then one of your friends notices a strange door. You have a bad feeling in your gut, but decide to go exploring with your friends away from the group. While you’re wandering down corridors, you find a dusty, unmarked room with an eerie feel. You go inside and all of the sudden, the door shuts! You’re trapped and feel a chill in the air when the spirit of the Pharaoh enters. He says you have 60 minutes to try to get out, are you willing to try the Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room?

The Pharaoh’s Tomb Escape Room

We hope the story helped set the mood for one of our most popular escape rooms! This dimly lit adventure was one of the first Egyptian themed rooms in Dallas and we wanted to make it the best. Each of our rooms are curated to its theme and the props and decorations help tell the story behind it. Our Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room is made with thousands of handmade tiles and adorned with Egyptian themed artifacts you can interact with. At the Perfect Escape, we make the most immersive adventures to feel like you’ve stepped back into a new place and time – in this case, the world of ancient Egypt.

Difficulty Level

We’ve rated this room with a level 8 difficulty out of 10, but it is appropriate for players all ages! If you’re a stone cold beginner, you may want to start with one of our easier rooms like O’Bannion’s Safe and work your way up to a more difficult room if you aren’t up for the challenge. Our rooms are award-winning, and The Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room is even rated 5/5 keys by the Escape Authority review. They described it as “one of the most scenically impressive rooms in town”!

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