Your Tried-and-True Family Escape Room

Your Tried-and-True Family Escape Room

Nothing beats family bonding like trying an escape room together! At the Perfect Escape, we provide the ultimate family escape room experience for people of all ages. So, bring your children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, second cousins, or anyone you want to go on an adventure with!

Why try an escape room?

Families who actively participate in activities together form a deeper emotional bond and make memories that last a lifetime! So, pack up the car and head over to our award-winning escape rooms. During your adventure, you’ll work together to solve the clues and puzzles in each room to find the key to escape. But, don’t forget, you’re on the clock! With this time crunch, your family needs to be able to work together and spend some quality time free of distractions. No matter if you escape in time, everyone comes out a winner after trying a family escape room! Take on an adventure like no other by immersing yourself in one of the three experiences the Perfect Escape offers.

What rooms does the Perfect Escape have?

You can immerse yourselves in the barber shop of a wanted criminal, the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, or the restaurant of a Chinese family. Whichever setting you choose, each are crafted with extreme attention to detail, so you will truly feel like you’ve stepped into a new world! Adults and children have great things to say about our three rooms named…

A family escape room is a must-try experience that will involve all members in your family, even the little ones! All you need to do is pick which world you want to enter and we’ll provide the fun.

Are you ready to escape now?

Learn more about the Perfect Escape, buy a gift card, or book your adventure today! We are now offering private rooms for groups of six or less.

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