What is the Best Escape Board Game?

What is the Best Escape Board Game?

Board games are making a comeback since quarantine, and if you’re an escape room fanatic, we’ve got the best games for you. The Perfect Escape is your premiere escape room in DFW, and we’ve been testing our favorite at-home escape games during the stay-at-home mandate. Stop your searching for “what is the best escape board game” and read our list below to liven up your game collection!

Escape Room in a Box

Immerse yourself in an at-home escape room experience like no other. The Escape Room in a Box game series gives you the perfect game night challenge to try to crack the code to solve mind-bending puzzles and unlock the key to escape. This timed challenge has unique backstories with a Flashback version and even a Walking Dead version.

Escape Room: The Game

Another fun option for creating an escape room experience in the comfort of your home includes the Escape Room: The Game series. This series of games includes a countdown timer and even a soundtrack for each escape scenario. Gather your cleverest friends for a round of Thrilling Rooms, your kids for Family Edition, or your wildest people for the Wild West Express. When searching “what is the best escape board game,” you will certainly find this series.

Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

There’s a reason why this game has over 800 ratings on Amazon – it’s critical reasoning and immersive experience is award winning. Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor follows the storyline of a well-respected astronomer in the 1800s with clues and puzzles to help save him. Unravel the mystery before time runs out!

Exit the Game

The Exit the Game series is perfect for escape room beginners and experts alike. This series includes difficulty levels to ramp up the heat for your guests on game night or create a more relaxed and fun environment. Their options of Dead Man on the Orient Express, The Haunted Roller Coaster, or the Abandoned Cabin are just some of the many storylines they offer when searching “what is the best escape board game.”

Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

The Cursed Dollhouse includes a 3-story dollhouse visual complete with 5 rooms, furniture, and dolls that will give you the creeps! As one of the most challenging escape room games, these advanced puzzles give you a captivating and spooky experience.

These board games offer different scenarios from our immersive experiences and are a great alternative to in-person experiences. If you’re interested in escaping in real life, quit searching for “what is the best escape board game,” check out our rooms and book your adventure today!

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