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How To Choose The Right Escape Room to Play

What is an escape room?

Instead of locking yourself in your room with nothing but video games, Mountain Dew, and Cheetos, you have decided that you will spend your evening locked inside of a room in which you are forced to escape. Congratulations, you are well on your way to having an exciting evening. Here are some tips on how to choose the right escape room.

An escape room is a game in which you are locked inside of a themed room or series of themed rooms and with just the right amount of prior knowledge given to you before you enter the room, you must solve puzzles to unlock an exit door. Escape rooms are generally designed for parties of people (2+ people).

How to choose the right escape room?

Any given escape room facility has several if not dozens of escape rooms to choose from. Here are a few tips to choosing the right escape room for your party.


Escape rooms can vary in price based on the popularity, difficulty (time it takes to escape), or theme quality of the escape room. For example, for a simple murder escape room with simple clues, the popularity is low, and the time it takes to escape is less than an hour. This will most likely cost less than a room that details escaping mysterious Pharao in the Egyptian pyramids or solving clever puzzles to get a criminal off the streets. Nonetheless, knowing your party is crucial to choosing the perfect escape room.

Escape room statistics

As mentioned above, most escape rooms keep statistics on their rooms such as popularity, the average time taken to escape, the percentage of success, etc. If your party consists of newcomers, then you may want to choose escape rooms with higher chances of success. However, if your party consists of seasoned veterans, then you may want to choose a more difficult escape room. Keep in mind to watch all the backstory videos that most escape rooms have, as they are very interesting whether it is an easy room or a difficult room to solve.

People in your party

This is probably one of the most important factors that make an escape room an amazing experience. Imagine being crammed into a tiny room with the maximum number of people allowed in the room. Some of those people you know, some of those people you have never met before this game.  

If you enjoy meeting new people through games, then playing with people you don’t know may be a great option, but if you would rather solve puzzles with people who you already know work well together, then reserving a room with your friend or family might be a better option.


Choosing the right escape room for your party is essential to having a great experience. As stated many times before, you will have to know your party. If your party is made up of science-minded individuals, then a mission to Mars or science lab type of escape room would be desirable.

If your party is full of horror lovers, then a zombie or haunted escape room may be the better option. However, if your party consists of general problem solvers that are interested in all of the themes, then you may have to take a vote or consider playing multiple escape rooms.

What’s it like to play an escape room?

Playing an escape room is a mixture of heart-pounding excitement, quick thinking, and intense teamwork. The first thing that will happen is that an employee will describe the rules of the escape room along with the story (although many escape rooms have a short video describing this information).

For example, the employee may tell you that anything that is spray painted orange is not a part of the game. After the introduction, the employee will leave the room; locking the door behind him or her. You will now be free to roam through the room and collect clues and solve puzzles to advance through the escape room.

Typically there will be a visible timer that is keeping your time so that your party can plan out a strategy based on the amount of given time. During the entire hour, your heart will be pounding and your mind will be racing as you immerse deeper into clues and try to escape.

We hope that this article helps you to answer the questions, what is an escape room, how to choose the right escape room, and what’s it like to play it. Feel free to check out our premium escape challenge at The Perfect Escape!


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